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I know, I understand, I am aware that markets is actually incomplete (conversations)

I know, I understand, I am aware that markets is actually incomplete (conversations)

  • We mish « forgetting » off a deal i got, nevertheless newest twist: the latest Stockton Cingular spokesperson told all of us you to definitely portions of calls around 30 seconds would not matter since the an excellent « minute, » even though the servings out-of 30 seconds as well as over create. Once you understand which, I attempted to store my low-cell-to-mobile calls below half a minute (or step one:31, or 2:29, . ). However, it was when you look at the vain, my personal sister located now away from some mobile rep: even one second more a minute matters because several other minute!

I’d inquire whether other people has received horror-story experiences that have Cingular, but I am aware the simple truth is, and i also be aware that otherwise specific including most likely includes numerous Hellmouth rants on the topic, and that i have begun to understand why Joel and you may Cam see to blow a-quarter of their hours while the David Horowitz (maybe not the brand new race-conflict you to) off Fight back! (dated individual-activism Tv series).

And i just be sure to seek good news. So: What is the good things (you to definitely infants choose for)? Let me know in the a much better mousetrap! Delight!

# : Invested too much time learning courses rather than brutally eliminating them away from « have to have inside the newest apartment » selection. Today, examining my personal levels. And you can. they truly are all in! B inside Purple Russian History, B inside the Political Psych, citation (duh) during the handball, and you will — hold off — B+ from inside the Russian?! I was sure We took that ticket/zero pass! Oh well. I believe we get 3.twenty-five otherwise some instance as much as here getting B+s, and you can that’ll help my GPA.

We ended up walking on and wishing a great deal regarding the rain as i expounded back at my theories from Bay area against

I might enjoy to keep/get my collective GPA to three.5 immediately after 2nd session and you can graduation. I hear that may could keep my personal choice discover to have fellowships and you may grad university and you can such as.

# given and also make a separate Year’s Solution. I will probably make any instance objective down. « Reduce mess » and so on will be a beneficial. I can start new palindromic seasons having elegant open room and not hemorrhoids off rubbish. Possibly « cleanup my personal living space regular in the event it needs they or not. »

I need to get to sleep so I can awaken early adequate to in reality clean (one to topic I didn’t would today, bleargh) so my mommy wouldn’t embarrass me of the tidy up whenever she will get here the next day for the visitor/cousin.

Let me know about a cell phone service company that provide sufficient or superior services!

# : Last night I attempted to help you « inform you Bay area » to a sibling, Anand-from-Michigan. Obviously, you to ran miserably, because ponder and loveliness out-of San francisco bay area ‘s the many little communities that have distinctive letters, and also the bookstores, and the eating, and also the discover and you may amicable somebody, as well as the worthy of people put on freedom of term, plus the geographical unity of one’s city enabling size transportation as the a probable transportation option (cough, coughing, LA), and beautiful viewpoints, parship-app and sights and you may sounds away from a million anyone way of life the schedules. Therefore were for the SF for about four hours toward a great cool and you may wet Friday night ranging from Xmas and you will Brand new Year’s.

And so i did the poultry pseudoreality website visitors material and now we took the new cable-car both to and from Fisherman’s Wharf. We’d to go to inside the long contours for travel, as well as on just how here, the vehicle averted for long times with no noticeable cause. The fresh screen had so fogged up that people could hardly select new storefronts, a lot less fabulous opinions of Bay. And you will besides dinner and you will keepsake stores, nothing of your traffic-pitfall Fisherman’s Wharf content are discover. La (unity compared to. fragmentation, togetherness against. aloneness, delight against. anxiety, an such like.)

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