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For every single accomplished forms was coded towards pre-developed programming layer by the dominating investigator to minimize errors

For every single accomplished forms was coded towards pre-developed programming layer by the dominating investigator to minimize errors

Socio-demographic services of your own respondents

All in all, 828 twelfth grade people have been took part while making a great response speed away from 98 %. Almost a couple of 3rd off (65.1 %) had been on age bracket below otherwise equivalent to sixteen decades which have average chronilogical age of 16 decades. Most (ninety-five.nine %) of participants had been regarding Oromo cultural category. 50 % of brand new respondents (50.7 %) was in fact Ethiopian Protestants. Two hundred thirty eight (30 %) of your respondents’ father complete college and you will significantly more than. 100 seventy-eight (21.6 %) of your respondents’ mommy can also be comprehend and you will create. Almost 1 / 3 (thirty-two.7 %) of mothers of your respondents had been housewives and three hundred 13 (37.8 %) of the dads was growers. Their family suggest month-to-month earnings are Ethiopian birr (ETB) 1801. Most (86.8 %) of your own respondents don’t rating long lasting pocket-money function their loved ones. Outside of the total participants 1000 ninety one (83.5 %) of its nearest and dearest had radio/Tv (Table step one).

Information about periods as well as health

With regards to the data taken from the players, 500 four (sixty.9 %) of the respondents got an excellent information about menstruation and its particular hygiene. Regarding overall six hundred thirty-seven (76.nine %) out of people realized you to menstruation is actually an emotional procedure, eighty (nine.eight %) of the women believed that it actually was an effective curse off God. Five hundred nineteen (62.nine %) realized the reason for times is hormonal. Over fifty percent, five-hundred five (sixty.nine %) of the respondents realized the origin of the menstrual bloodstream is on the womb. Most 1000 fifty-seven (79.step three %) realized regarding the durations just before reaching durations. Three fourth six hundred twenty-two (75.step 1 %) off women knew regarding monthly period health. 500 27 (63.6 %) knew that there try a bad smell throughout times (Dining table dos).

The results of the studies revealed that, 67.8 % of the participants had details about intervals off their family relations, followed by news, educators, off their mothers and courses (Fig. 1).

Females whoever mother’s education condition middle school and you will more than was indeed 1.51 minutes likely to be had an effective information about periods and Cougar Dating Apps you can menstrual hygiene than their alternatives [AOR = step one.51, 95 % CI: step one.03–dos.22]. Female off parents having broadcast and you may/otherwise Television was indeed more likely to have an effective information about periods and you may menstrual hygiene when comparing to people who had no radio/Tv [AOR = dos.42, 95 % CI: step one.64 – step three.56] (Desk 3).

Sanitary means throughout the times

To what analysis received, out from the overall participants, 330 (39.9 %) of your respondents got good practice with the menstrual hygiene. Majority 678 (82.dos %) out-of people were utilizing absorbent situation throughout the menstruation and two 3rd 548 (66.dos %) of girls were using industrial produced hygienic shields due to the fact absorptive topic during the menstruation. From one-hundred-fifty seven female who had been playing with attire eighty-three (52.9 %) of respondents was washing outfits which have soapy water. Seventy one (45.dos %) of your own respondents dehydrated its sparkling clothing in sunlight. 50 % of 430 (51.9 %) off women changes its shields otherwise attire about three and a lot more than moments daily. A hundred sixty seven (20.2 %) of one’s participants was basically disposing its utilized sanitary pads in dustbin. One third 274 (33.step 3 %) from females explore report so you’re able to get rid the new pads by wrapping. Several 3rd 557 (67.step 3 %) of participants was basically bringing bath daily that have soap while in the menstruation. Six hundred fifty seven (83.5 %) of women brush its exterior genitalia through the intervals having detergent and you will h2o (Dining table 4).

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