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Sure this option are part of some intercontinental sexual mafia intercourse slave company

Sure this option are part of some intercontinental sexual mafia intercourse slave company

You will find lost 3 records now with no explanation. I happened to be communicating with an individual and is logged away without any solution to log in. They states to get hold of a group affiliate but that’s difficult to do once you can not sign in and giving e-mail their so called “help’ site are useless as you get no answer. Lost some funds (credits) si maybe when the administrators are unable to perform their unique tasks precisely it could be time and energy to close the website all the way down. I’d provide 1/2 celebrity but it’s not available.

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I would personally say they will have the worst customer service away from anywhere I’ve ever dealt but it is not necessarily customer support because it’s non-existent. I messaged admin numerous instances over various issues once I managed music mobile chat to get an answer. I’ve message mods that on the internet and they just disregard myself. They take your cash suspend your bank account with no reason you attempt to get in touch with them to discover the reasons why you see no response they will remove your account without reason or warning regardless of how much you may have in your profile they are money grubbing and care little concerning the buyer only money

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You get dangling out of this web site with no knowledge of exactly why, my personal account was removed lately and that I was not in any speak room, I happened to be conversing with a buddy in pm and unexpectedly ended up being signed , and e as pushing shit , this is how the website addresses your.

When i tried to make another accounts, they says ( you simply cannot produce a profile error 17) , does individuals understand what that implies ?

The Mods for the website make it worse because they usually simply take side in issues, really unprofessional, I happened to be once booted from the wordy space for sharing a governmental opinion, when i spoken to your mod who had been around, she didn’t reply, however stated “you are extremely unprofessional” , she mentioned “thanks for their comments” sarcastically ..